Chewbacca (thesoberpoet) wrote,

How Long Has It Been? or Speed of Sound, Speed of Light

My whole existance seems to be going too fast for me to keep track of it. I want to be able to keep a handle on it, but it's all I can do to try to stay steady as the whirlwind spins around me. Life is happening around me, not to me or with me. I'm becoming something I don't recognize.

Here's a free write for you before I get too far into the weekend to think:

Speed of sound, speed of light
Look around, dead of night
Making ashes, burning bright
Lighting matches, turning white
Hot like love, cold as ice
Looking tough, broken eyes
Matching mirrors, bleeding heart
Fractured terrors, pouring out
Make me love you, make me cry
Let me miss you, let me lie
Teach me lessons, make me smart
Open sessions, making art

Dont know where that came from, where it's going, or where it went. But it's there now.


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