September 20th, 2010

Observed and Reported

Actual Facebook conversation had publicly on a comment thread of a link to Kesha's "Take It Off":

[judgmental female friend] "She's so talentless. She can't even lip sync correctly."

[male who posted link] "Who cares? I don't like her for her talent."

[f] "Pfft! I bet her vagina is even retarded."

[m] "That's cool. I'm down."

[f]"Yeah, until it bites your dick off."

[m]"It'll be worth it."

And people say chauvinism is dead...

Sometimes I am ashamed of my gender. And of feminazis who poke at celebrities because they won't poke back. But also of my gender. I believe I've riffed on dirty, talentless sex symbols flaunting their bodies for business, but if I haven't, I'll probably get around to it sometime soon. (That is, of course, opposed to very talented sex symbols using all of their talents for business.)

That's all you get today, dreamers.