February 4th, 2011

Release Me (Lessons from a Goddess, Vol. 1)

I am vexed by you.
You invited me into your life.
You taught me how to stand up,
And how to move in on you.
I dare say you enticed me
Into the position you now
Fault me for adoring.

You brought me out of the cold,
Taught me to use my tongue
Instead of my hands,
And I'm supposed to be alright
When you decide I'm through?
You used to be insatiable.
The appetite you had
Could have fed Asia.

I was still new.
I was nothing special,
Just a broken man
With a strong arm
And some sweet ideas.
But, as you taught me,
Some teeth are sweeter than others.

You beat me to the punch,
Even after you pulled so many.
I laid my life at your feet.
I wanted you to see
What real men would give
To learn at the foot of a Goddess,
Or she who would be Goddess
If only she knew her higher path.
But the most important lessons,
So you taught me,
Are the ones you learn without words,
Where you explore alone,
Learning with your fingers and slow breaths,
And eventually come full circle,
Back to where you began.

Now to see if rest will come  now....