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Conservatives Blog Too or The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Should I be offended that conservatives are demonized as racist-hate-baiters when we just want our laws to be plain and forthright? Probably, but getting propagandized bile thrown at me has been a regular part of life since becoming public and proud about my religion. So I like to think my skin's a little thicker than average.

Is it upsetting to me when people who claim to love America decide to say the words (to my face, in real conversation) "What's so wrong with Socialism? It works in [rattles off European Nations]..."? Oh man, this one gets me. First off, there's a reason people left European Socialism back in the 18 and 1900's. It wasn't because it works. It's because it breeds despotism. If you want to forfeit control over your life for the security blanket of Big Brother, Airstrip One is just across the pond, crumpets. Don't let the door hit you where your gracious Lord split you. We are America for a reason, and your treason to our Constitution will not stand.

Now, I have to agree that medicine as a business vs. keeping public well-being up is no contest. People need to have their health. But I've been to a Health and Human Services office for Medicare needs. I pulled in in my beaten-to-hell van to a shiny Cadillac with chrome rims, a rice-burner, an H2, and about a dozen cars that looked like mine. I realized when I got to the front of the line that I needed to retrieve something for them from my van. My annoyance was when those pretty vehicles had been driven away by the people that had been in line ahead of me, not by the government bureaucrats. I went back and asked "How were those people allowed medicare?" The simple answer?

"We are not allowed to look at that."

WHAT?! You can look at personal bank records and criminal history from 1977, but you can't take a g@$damn look out your front f@$#ing door? Some of us didn't have money to lease an enormous car. Or eat. Or pay rent. And we needed the help. And they pull up in a Hummer and ask for a handout so they can roll-them-22's phat stylin'?

Give me a break.

And we watch over 2000 pages of bill that <10% of the population or legislators have read get signed into law, and we're supposed to be as excited about this "big f*$#ing deal" as Biden? Has Joe read it? Has Barak? Have we truly used our collective faculties as a nation to know what's going on? Or are we just too excited about Miley being on Idol tonight and curious about the smoke monster on Lost? Have we already forfeited the decisions to the handlers, hoping it'll just be okay? Are we just too big of a nation to handle so many decisions?

I don't think we're too big. I don't believe in "too big". Not only as a 6'8" Texan, but as a tech geek, I can tell you we are not too big. We can have these laws broadcast wider than C-SPAN, have faster and more in depth debate than these ceremonial tirades by Alan Grayson and John Boehner, and we can decentralize the government so that The People (as described in the Constitution of the United States of America) can actually be heard.

My final thought: Does anyone else find irony that Firefox spell check wants to correct Boehner to Boneshaker, Bonehead, or Boner?

TchuB! (or Tchuss! Cheers! [for the non-German inclined])

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