Chewbacca (thesoberpoet) wrote,

A Short Update

I had intended to write a lot tonight. I am full of thoughts. I let them swirl around me tonight after I hot tubbed, laying on the deck after the tub got shut down. It was the perfect night for stars. And listening. It turns out that you hear a lot at 2am if you just open your ears.

But the punchline is supposed to be something about how wonderful it is to be in America. To not hear bombs. Or gunshots. Or cars crashing (a rarer rarity than not hearing gunshots). I'm not confident of how much peace is left. But I will continue to pray for more time.

More to come soon. Hopefully after I touch up the Sam Rayburn paper for Tuesday.

And a quick prayer for Praetor. She's disappeared from school. I hope for her safety too.

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