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Not for all audiences...

If you can get past the title of this one, just keep in mind: This is of the mind.

Psychological Dominatrix
The Mistress of my masterful plans
Has found my only weakness.
As she slowly chains my soul
To the walls inside my mind,
She silently decides behind shadowed eyes
I will be her lady tonight.
Her words lash me firmly,
While her eyes tell me
I am her's, but she doesn't stop.
No hesitation as those same words
Begin to penetrate my heart,
Slowly at first, tenderly caressing
Entrapping my senses before I can tell
She is toying with my soul
In ways I never knew possible.
Whispering softly under the torrent,
"I Love You."

My soul convulses against her chains,
Pulling desperately at my mind
For some kind of release, but to no avail.
She continues playing, smiling,
Somehow keeping me unsatisfied
And pleading for more while
While I am far beyond my strength.
The walls begin to crumble slowly,
Piece by piece as my soul wretches against them.
My heart bleeds from the beating
It so rightly deserved.
And she, that terrible temptress,
Knows when to pull back and remind me I am a man,
To release me from my shattered walls
And lay my soul to rest,
Continuing to whisper in my ear, she loves me.
The exhaustion drops me into a dreamless void,
Those words echoing as I fall, "I Love You."
I Love You too.

I don't harp the mature theme very often. If it's too much for you, please don't tear me up. If you have to critique, you know where to reach me privately.
If, of course, you want to lavish me with praise, you also know where that comment bar is.

Cheers, kiddos!

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