Chewbacca (thesoberpoet) wrote,

Tired of Silence or "There Is And Will Always Be More To Come..."

 If I'm not going to man up and post my writings like an attention starved high schooler, I might as well post about stuff I find interesting on the webbernets (borrowed word from Sontard. thank you).

Which brings me to my new segment: The Thing! (of the week)

I stumbled upon this beauty while reading Apparently secret codes aren't just for hiding in bottles or on the backs of dollar bills anymore. Unfortunately, the thing the news story is about is not our Thing! (of the week). There's a tiny link at the bottom that will lead you to this beautiful sculpture named Kryptos.

Now this is the ultimate puzzle page! It's sudoku, crossword, and hellahard word jumble all in one. Essentially.

It's my new fascination. And this week's Thing! (of the week)

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