Chewbacca (thesoberpoet) wrote,

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6am breeds stranger thoughts than other times of day

Fresh Cut

If I didn't love you, it wouldn't matter.
If you didn't love him, it probably would matter.

I know my place, I accept my fate
But I can't understand how
You can still look at me like that,
Branding me with your burning touch,
Lacerating my mind with your penetrating eyes,
Freezing my ears with your deep, cold voice.

Some would call me a masochist,
Visiting you again and again,
Letting you do as you wish to me.
But I do.
I can't help following you into the darkness
Because I always come out the other side better.

If I wasn't so close, I might see the signs.
If you weren't so far, you'd probably show me.

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