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And Now You Get to See How a Sober Person Raves Like a Drunk Person.

I love the clouds today. I can't say that about every cloudy day. Today is especially wonderful though. I haven't decided why. I got pissed on by the clouds today on my way across the parking lot to class. I couldn't even consider myself dried out until just a few minutes ago. I was a drowned rat all day. I learned about Socrates and The Peloponessian War, cold as ice. Played Chess and ate a chicken sandwich, still a drowned rat. Faked my way through a lecture on a book nobody but me and another person in my class even tried reading (which I just need to catch up on, by the way). All the way through coming home I was cold and wet and under any reasonable circumstance, I should have been miserable and grumbling and angry at *explicative*ing Bank of America for not cashing my check yet. But I'm not. The clouds and the cold rain and the equinox and the 25,000 slow people on the roads are all coming together for a reason. What reason? I have no idea. I have hope that it's good.

Hope is a funny thing. Mine should have been worn pretty hard by recent events. It should, by all means, have ground down to metaphorical  metal-on-metal squeaky and insufficient braking. But I feel stable as I have in the last two and a half months. I want to blame a host of things on this, but I'd be remiss leaving out my faith in Christ. >>I'm not a Jesus Freak or going to ramble on all that often on the subject of my faith. But, since this is my introduction to the LJ crowd, you get a brief dose.<< My understanding the reason for and scope of life,  and the nature of the universe comes through my understanding of Christ and God. Yes, I distinguish between them. It's only reasonable to assume a Father and a Son are two different beings. So there it is, in a nutshell. Also, that's the end of what I'm going to say on faith today.

I will be waxing political, poetic, angry, sad, blissful, emo, musical, nonsensical, politically incorrect, and a lot more in the coming postings. Don't worry, I'll probably offend you at some point soon. And if I don't, let me know so I don't exclude you. That would be culturally undiverse of me.

~Your Pober Soet, Jeremy

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